Why Choose L.R. Mitchell Construction?

Since 2006 we have been helping the Acadiana area grow and prosper one satisfied customer at a time. Specializing in the items below has enabled us to build lasting and successful relationships with our customers.


A builder's reputation is only worth the quality of the home they produce. We take great pride in our work in regards to how well our homes are structurally built and the overall quality of the finishes. We use skilled professionals in order to produce a home with top notch craftsmanship that will last for generations to come.


Each home is custom designed through rigorous review to provide a home that is not only beautiful, but also practical. Our goal is to build a home that is not only the best looking in the neighborhood, but also meets the needs of everyday living.

Planning & Organization

Building the home of your dreams is a detailed process that requires foresight and organization. When we construct a home, we have the knowledge and ability to take our customer from the planning phase of construction to the finished product. Throughout the entire process; every stage of construction is considered, planned, and well thought out to make the customer's experience enjoyable and stress free.


Every custom home begins with an idea or vision. We specialize in taking that very vision or idea and producing a customer's dream home. Before we even begin to price a custom home we have a pre-construction meeting to determine exactly what a customer wants in their home. This allows us to give the customer exactly what they want for the price they want. We then follow up through the entire process with direct communication. We are constantly receiving ongoing customer feedback by providing scheduling information, updates on progress, conducting on site meetings, email, telephone, etc. We go out of our way to establish and maintain open lines of communication so that there are no surprises and the customer is ultimately satisfied with their dream home.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe the single most important factor in business and the ultimate determinant in a company's success is the customer's satisfaction. Through the practice of the Golden Rule, transparency in business, and overall quality of our homes; we are proud to say we have built a client list that is completely satisfied.